Learn Japanese in Nepali ( ios )


  • Category : Mobile Application

This is the first Nepali ios app where you can learn Japanese and get information about Japan in Nepali.

Features - 

  1. Dictionary - You can search meaning of Japanese vocabulary in Nepali.
  2. Blog - You can get information, rules and regulations of Japan in Nepali.
  3. News - You can get news of Japan in Nepali.
  4. Phrase - You can learn Japanese Phrases in Nepali.
  5. Grammar - You can learn Japanese grammar in Nepali.
  6. Kanji - You can learn kanji in Nepali.
  7. Vocabulary - You can learn Japanese Vocabulary in Nepali.
  8. Minna no Nihongo - Learn minna no nihongo vocabulary and grammar in Nepali
  9. Videos - You can also learn Japanese language in Nepali through videos in this section
  10. Test - We have added test features too. You can practice Listening, Reading , Vocabulary, Grammar and Kanji in this section.